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How I Keep My Skin Looking Healthy

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Hey beautiful bloggers,
I've been wanting to write this post for a while now but I've had trouble finding the time to write it. Today I want to talk about having healthy skin because I don't know if it's just me but when I have a great skin day I feel a lot happier in myself.

I want to start off my saying I have normal/combination skin, depending on that time of month if you know what I mean. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. Usually I do have pretty nice skin but it's not perfect. I wanted to write a few tips on how I keep my skin healthy, by no means am I an expert in giving this type of advice but hopefully some of these tips may work for you. I obviously understand that not everyone has the same skin type, so what may work for me may not work at all for you. 

1. Water. Drink plenty of water. I can see a huge difference when I'm keeping hydrated, my skin has a natural glow and stays radiant. The European Food Safety Authority recommend that women drink 1.6 litres of water a day and men 2 litres, which sounds a lot but I find if I carry a bottle around I tend to drink more. Without water we get dehydrated which gives us lack of energy so we feel sluggish and tired all the time. I also want to mention eating healthily. It doesn't mean just eat plenty of fruit and vegetables (which is a good thing) try and incorporate a mixture of fibre and vitamin rich foods. Just remember, you are what you eating all of those vitamin rich food is going to do wonders to your skin.

2. Sleep. You may already know that sleep deprivation can make our skin look tired and dull so it's recommended you get 8 hours a sleep a night. I know it may not be possible for some of you, but try relaxing and getting as many hours in as you can. Also lack of sleep can make us stressed and anxious which is another thing that badly affects our skin. So get counting those sheep people!

3. Exercise. Like I said previously, stress and anxiety is not great for your skin but specialists have said when you exercise, you tend to relax and it eases stress. I'm obviously no expert but I find when I exercise my skin usually stays pretty clear. 

4. Don't go overboard on skin products. Just like every other beauty blogger I love a good skin care regime but I don't go mad. I usually use a cleanser, moisturiser and a face mask. Your skin produces a lot of natural oils and in some cases they can be pretty annoying and make your face look shiny. But trust me, it's okay to have some oils because they keep your skin healthy and glowing. A lot of products have chemicals in them which strip these natural oils; giving you damaged skin so it's best to try and find ones that contain natural ingredients. Personally I don't bother with skin oils before bed right now because I feel they don't do a lot for my skin, maybe in the future I will but for now I'm pretty happy with how my skin looks without all the potions and lotions.

5. Use a foundation with an spf. It may be a cloudy day outside but trust me the sun is still beaming UV rays which can make our skin age quicker and can even cause skin cancer. My advice is try and use a sunscreen as often as you can at least an spf of 15. Most of us love a nice tan, but I think I'll stick to fake to ensure my skin stays healthy. One of the best ways to keep your face protected if you wear make-up is to use a foundation with and spf.

6. Stay make up free. Okay I don't mean all of the time but when there's no need to wear make-up, don't. I actually like to let my skin breathe and have a make-up free day. Make-up can clog up pores and actually make your skin break out in spots. Always ensure you wash make-up off before bed (I'm guilty of not always doing it!) and please, please make sure your washing those make-up brushes people! Brushes can gather up lots of bacteria, and without washing them regularly you're basically wiping all of that bacteria over your face. Not a nice thought, ey?

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post, let me know how you keep your skin looking healthy!

Love from Bethan


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