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Summer Lipsticks // February

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Hey beautiful bloggers!

So in the UK, we haven't seen the sun out properly in a good few months! And although I love winter time, I'm ready to say goodbye to this dreadful weather and say hello to some sun.
In an attempt to make me feel a bit better I've decided to blog about the lipsticks I can't wait to wear in the Summer!
I've put a mixture of high-end and drugstore brands so there's something there for everyone! I want to apologize in advance for the pictures of the swatches on my lips, I had to take them on my iPhone as I didn't have my camera with me at the time.

The lipsticks I've chosen today are a mixture of reds, oranges and pinks. One in particular may be more of a winter shade, but I've chosen it because it has flecks of gold shimmer in it and in the sunlight in looks really beautiful.

Beautiful colours!
Brands: MUA, Rimmel, elf, MAC & Clinique


1. Clinique's High Impact Lip Colour in Rosette
2. Rimmel's Colour Show Off Lipstick in Be Bold 120 (Discontinued) 
3. Clinique's Intense Moisturising Lip Colour Balm in Heftiest Hibiscus 
4. MAC's Cremesheen Lipstick in Crosswires
5. elf Lip Liner and Brush in Pink Grapefruit
6. Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick in As You Want Victoria
7. MUA's lipstick in shade 5

Here are the lipstick on the lips, I've forgotten to take a picture of the elf lip liner sorry, but I'm sure you will see it more often in posts to come!

MUA in Shade 5
A pretty sheer pink colour with quite a lot of glitter in it. If you're not into glitter in lip products, I wouldn't recommend this shade. But if you are it's a gorgeous soft colour perfect for those days where you don't want to wear a bold colour. p.s this lipstick is only £1!

MAC's Crosswires
This is one of my favourite MAC lipstick shades ever, it's a gorgeous pinky coral shade and is perfect for summer. It's one of MAC's Cremesheen lipsticks and one of my favourites types as it's long lasting and it's so creamy on the lips.

Clinique Lipstick in Rosette
This is the shade I mentioned earlier about not being a typical summer shade, however the gold shimmer in it catches in the sun so beautifuly and the pinky red undertones come out. It's such a stunning underrated  colour. I also love the feel of this lipstick as it's similar in feel to Crosswires but slightly less creamy and longer lasting.

Rimmel's lipstick in Be Bold
I wouldn't normally put a discontinued lipstick on here but I love it so much and I can't wait to use it in the summer. It's almost like velvet on the lips and the colour pay off is excellent. If you're interested in this lip colour you can buy it here.

 Clinique's Chubby stick in Heftiest Hibiscus
I absolutely adore everything about this lipstick; the texture, the colour and its pay off and the overall packaging. I do like Clinique lipsticks and chubby sticks and I don't think they get enough credit in the blogger world. This lipstick is an orange with red undertones and is such a gorgeous colour, it just screams summer when you see it. It's very moisturising and long lasting and I can't wait to use it more often.

Rimmel's lipstick in As You Want Victoria
This gorgeous fuchsia pink lipstick is perfect for all you bold pink lovers! It's glossy and one of the nicest colour finishes I've seen in a lipstick. As much as I love this colour I must warn you; don't get this on your skin as it stains!

I hope you're all looking forward to summer, if you are let me know what lipstick you like wearing in the summer! Have a great week.

Love from Bethan



  1. I love the Rimmel moisture renew lipsticks- they're lovely aren't they? And they make your lips feel so soft and loved :)

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

    1. It's a great formula, one of my favourites :)


  2. Love the MUA and MAC lipstick :)

  3. I love be bold!
    Make sure to check out my blog:

  4. I'm really intrigued by that MUA lipstick, might have to try it for myself - I've only tried the bright red and I love that! x

    1. They're great for £1, obviously not the best formula but for a £1 you can't go wrong!


  5. I love Clean Bandit - Rather Be
    Those lipsticks are so pretty, I can't wait till summer! x


  6. Ah, that damn sun is hiding in Sweden as well! Could see a peek of it today, but still freezing outside! Good we can use makeup to get some shine ;) I find the Clinique Lipstick in Rosette drop dead gorgeous and I would defiantly use it for spring as well!

  7. The Mac lipstick looks lovely :)


  8. Wow your blog is amazing

    i love what you brought :)

    would mean the world to me if you would comment my blog some feedback

  9. Nice Blog you have here! perhaps we could follow each other? Follow me and I'll follow you back for sure :)

    xx Tisha,

  10. I love number 6 & 7! They're so gorgeous, I love the shade. :)

  11. Lovely post! Ive only just started trying out lipsticks properly being a massive gloss fan, but the Clinique lipstick looks gorgeous! Ive just done an MUA/NYC/ Beauty Uk haul on my blog this may give me the push to try a higher end lipstick :)

    H, xo

    1. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy trying out a few high end lipsticks!


  12. MAC's Saigon Summer is the best thing ever!
    Make sure to check out my blog!



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