Saturday, 7 September 2013

Drinking milk on a Saturday...

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Hello there beautiful bloggers!

I've been very busy this week because I started back in work Monday so I don't really have much to say about my week. But I thought I'd do a little post anyway and ramble on about a few bits and bobs.

Last Sunday I was looking on the Liz Earle website ready to re-order my cleanse and polish when I stumbled across the September skincare essentials deal I couldn't resist purchasing it. Like I mentioned in my August favourites post, I chose the new limited edition Grapefruit and Patchouli cleanse and polish. When I arrived home from work on Thursday sat on my table waiting for me was my parcel. I was so excited to try it all. I used all products that evening and was slightly disappointed with the smell of the new cleanse and polish, it wasn't horrible but I expected it to smell more of grapefruit. I have to admit I do prefer the original. 
It was the first time for me to try a Liz Earle moisturiser and I was over the moon with the product. I had the one for combination/normal skin and it's so lovely on the skin, it's smooth and sinks into the skin quickly. I think it's taken the #1 spot on my top moisturiser list.

(Not the best picture I know but it's what's in the picture that counts!)

I've not done much else this week, so I'm really enjoying my weekend. I'm having a lovely relaxing pyjama day today, snuggled up watching TV and drinking a glass of milk (so hardcore). I've had a shower and washed my hair and although I've cleansed and moisturised my face, I'm not going to wear any make-up so I can let my skin breathe a bit (very important).

I haven't bought any other beauty or fashion items this week but pay day is next week, and I've made a list of things I want. So you will probably see them in the very near future, although re-decorating my room is top priority. I've already chose my new bed! So I'm very excited for that.

I've nothing else to say now, so I better go and enjoy the rest of my relaxing day. 

Love from Bethan


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