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Songs I'm loving || September

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Here are my top ten songs that I've currently been loving and listening to non-stop, they're not all newly released songs but ho-hey!

1. Sub Focus ft Kele- Turn It Around

When I first heard this song I thought Bloc Party had released a new song and got very excited. I'm an avid user of the iPhone App 'Shazam'; it listens to songs and tells you the track name and the artist. When it told me that it was Sub Focus featuring Kele who is the lead singer from Bloc Party, I got very excited because they used to be one of my favourite bands when I was 14/15. It's such an upbeat, magical and happy song and I absolutely love it!

2. Arctic Monkeys- Do I Wanna Know

I have a love/hate opinion on the Arctic Monkeys, I absolutely adore some of their songs and then I hate others. But I must say when I first heard this on the radio a while back I fell in love with it instantly. It's such a laid back but edgy song and it really does get your head nodding. I approve of this song!

3. Conor Maynard- R U Crazy

One of my most played songs lately, I can't stop listening to it. It's so catchy and you end up singing along with it. Conor Maynard has outdone himself with this one.

4. Bastille- Overjoyed

I love Bastille and there's not a lot of tracks by them I don't enjoy. I love to listen to their album 'Bad Blood' on Spotify, but the track Overjoyed is almost played on repeat every time. I've also enjoyed it even more since listening to the Becky CJ version on YouTube where she remixes it with Kiss You by One Direction.
Listen to it here.

5. London Grammar- Strong

London Grammar remind me a little of The xx, a band which I really enjoy listening to. The lead singer (Hannah Reid) has such a beautiful and relaxing voice and she gives me goosebumps every time I hear her. 'Strong' is a song I love listening to while I just chill out and relax.

6. Katy Perry ft. Juicy J- Dark Horse

I'm totally addicted to this song, it's just! Katy Perry completely blows my mind with the different songs she sings. It's the complete opposite to her recent song 'Roar' (which I also love) I like that she experiments a little with her voice.

7. Tom Odell- Can't Pretend

A few months ago I purchased Tom Odell's album 'Long Way Down' and I'm still not sick of playing it. Can't Pretend and Sense are my two favourite songs on the album along with the popular and catchy 'Another Love'. I honestly recommend you listen to him if you haven't already.

8. Maximo Park- Books From Boxes

One of my all time favourite songs, but lately I've been playing it a lot. It makes me feel nostalgic and brings back happy memories of when my best friend mistook it for Girls Aloud's song 'Love Machine'. I could listen to this song ten times and feel a different emotion each time. Great song always and forever.

9. Avicii- You Make Me

I love, love, love this song! Avicii never fail to impress me with their music. I've literally been listening to this on repeat on YouTube.

10.  Le Youth- C O O L

This is a sample of the song Me & U by Cassie, and a song I used to listen to when I was younger. I love this version because the vocals are quite chilled out but the electronic beat gives it a certain edge. Every time I hear it I think it would be an amazing runway song at a fashion show.


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    1. No problem, hope you enjoyed listening :)


  2. Songs i'm loving are the ones of Drake's new album!!!

    1. I've not heard it yet, but looking forward to listening to it!


  3. this is a terrific playlist!

  4. I like your taste in music, Artic Monkeys are my fave :)

    xo Mel
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