Thursday, 22 August 2013

Just a little shopping spree...

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Hello there beautiful bloggers!

So I've been on a little shopping spree yesterday and today. I tried not spending anything, buuuut I am lethal when I visit Boots. First of all I purchased some very beautiful nail varnishes from Barry M.

1. Confetti Nail Effects in Marshamallow

2. Glitter Nail Paint in Pink Silver Glitter

3. Gelly Nail Effects in Prickly Pear

4. Textured Nail Effects in Ridley Road

I also picked up a lipstick from Rimmel the Kate Moss range in 107. I was scared at first, but I am prepared to come out of my comfort zone. I don't usually wear matte lipstick or red for that matter but it's been highly rated by a lot people so I decided to give it a try.

I also bought a few items of clothing but I can't be bothered to post pictures of them; I only bought skinny jeans, a long top and a pair of shoes all from Newlook. 

Apart from my little shopping spree, a few days ago I bought a teeth whitening kit from Boots to try and whiten my teeth. My teeth were not yellow to begin with but I'm trying to get them a few shades whiter than usual. I've been using the product for 2 of the 7 days and I've already noticed a difference. The product is called Rapid White one week whitening system. I would really recommend this if you want to whiten your teeth but you're on a budget. 

(Ignore the lack of make-up and dodgy hair. Lipstick is the Kate Moss one mentioned above)

So I'm going to leave the post there now, I feel like I've posted a million pictures on here today! Hope you all have a wonderful day/evening!

Love from Bethan


  1. I wish lipstick suited me! You look beautiful with lipstick, I look so silly.
    Love the post ♥

  2. The Confetti in Marshollow looks beautiful! xx


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